Interview with DeLight magazine

– Victoria, why did you decide to connect your profession with nail design? How long have you been in this field?
– I have been in this field for more than ten years. I connected myself with nail design because I was very interested in it. I started not because of money, but because of interest, as my initial profession is absolutely from another sphere. I asked my mother to give me a nail courses for my birthday to do my own manicure, but after the first class I realized that this could become my life’s work. That’s how I started my business. At first I took home manicures and created nail masterpieces for my friends, then for my friends’ friends – and so everything spun up that now I own my own nail design studio.

– Do you choose nail designs for your clients yourself or do you start from their wishes?
– I always take my clients’ wishes into account, even if my regular client comes in and doesn’t know what he wants, I will always do a design based on his taste.

– What materials do you use for nail design? What do you pay more attention to – nail treatment or nail design?
– I use materials from different companies, from local ones (mereneid, angelnails, mosaic) to aliexpress, sometimes I bring them from Russia… But now it has become problematic (smiles). My line of excellent quality products will be released soon. I pay more attention to processing than to design, as I am a nail technician by profession, and my duties include making a smooth architecture, careful cuticle treatment and qualitative preparation of the nail plate for artificial material. And design is like an “appendix” to the nails, but in my case it is an integral appendix

– How long does your design last? Does it require any special care?
– The design lasts from correction to correction, but there are nuances of wear, for example, stones, it is considered a 3D-design, and with them you need to walk carefully, because there is a possibility of losing the rhinestones. Special care is required for matte light nails, because they can get dirty – from clothes, from dyes, from food… Unfortunately, all matte nails are sinful.

– Are you yourself a follower of natural or nail extensions? And how harmless are nail extensions?
– I am only in favor of artificial coating, without designs and stones (these additives are a matter of taste). I myself do not like design on my nails, but long wear and neatness of color should always be with me. I look first at the nails and then at the person, and nails can tell me a lot about him and his profession. My favorite phrase is: “It is harmful to eat sausage and mayonnaise, but not to build up your nails”. Of course, the discussion on this topic can be eternal, but if we talk about the build-up, it certainly harms the nail plate, but if you go to a competent specialist, he will monitor the condition of the nails and will cause minimal damage to the nails, and with new technologies in general will minimize filing …