Does the master need to learn how to make designs?

Perfect monochrome manicure looks always beautiful and noble. It is relevant at any time. But what to do if clients want at least on holidays to do something special, not as always)?

Making designs is first of all care about our clients.

Even in our studio we have a lot of girls who said that they came because they were conquered by the designs on the page. But they don’t make the designs themselves. It is comfortable for them to know that if they suddenly want something special, the master will be able to realize it.

It is comfortable to know that they do not have to study a million publics themselves in search of ideas, and you can trust the master, who will offer the actual options. It’s comfortable to know that they don’t have to think about what the master can do and what he can’t do, to prepare 10 variants to choose from in the hope that at least 1 of them will work out.

And for a craftsman, you know what the biggest perk is? That you become a “special” master for clients. Those who come to do a holiday manicure, manicure for a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

Insanely pleasant, when the manicure on such important and responsible days trusted to you. And how nice it is when clients say, “I need it to be WAAAUUUUUUUUUU, so I came to you!”

Agree, such words want to hear everyone. It is for their sake that it is worth developing!