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Milky Base is a camouflage base with a milky shade.

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MILKY BASE (15 ml) is a new generation product with a unique composition. The milk base is a color of its own. Suitable as a base for color, for a French manicure and shading! Provides the coating with strength, wear resistance and elasticity. The product is used as a base and is applied before gel polish coating. The professional rubber base, thanks to its properties, guarantees excellent adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail. It has a dispersion layer.


– Provides coverage uniformity;

– Durability and long-term wearability;

– Prevents chips and detachments;

– Viscous consistency and economical consumption;

– Easy to apply and does not spread;

– Ideal for thin, brittle and problem nails with striking irregularities;

– Great for aligning the nail plate;

– Dries in UV / LED lamps for about two minutes.